24 January 2006


I have started this blog to communicate with others who may be researching or interested in one of the four main surnames listed for this site: Cole, Davis, Lambert and Mathews.

MATHEWS: Family history has the Mathews coming to America from Ireland sometime prior to 1750. (They probably came from county Down or Antrim in Ulster Ireland between 1720-1750) John Mathews with son's John Jr. and Isaac are the first Mathews I have found. Lore has it that they came to America from Ireland and that their port-of-entry was Charleston, SC. These men settled in Old 96 Dist of the South Carolina frontier, which later became Abbeville County.

I descend from Isaac. Notes say he bought his homeplace located fourteen miles southwest of Abbeville Court House within two miles of Little River on which Calhoun Mill was situated. He had close ties to the Calhoun family, having married Anne Calhoun, the daughter of William Calhoun and Agnes Long (who had immigrated from Ireland in 1733). Neither were 'spring chickens' by the time they wed. Anne was 29 and Isaac was at least in his mid-thirties when they wed on 12 October 1784 in Calhoun Settlement, Abbeville District, SC.

Anne had been captured by the Cheroke Indians at the Long Cane massacre 1 Feb 1760 and held for a period of years (some say three years, others say as long as fourteen years). She was freed sometime after the end of the French and Indian War. Her own personal account leads one to believe it was three years.

Isaac was a veteran of the Revolutionary War, having served as a Private before and after the reduction of Charleston by British forces.

Isaac and Anne had five children: Joseph Calhoun, Lewis, Nancy Ann, Mary and John. Joseph, the oldest child, was named after Anne's older brother. Her brother Joseph served in both the House and Senate of South Carolina; he was elected to the U.S. Congress in 1807, serving until 4 Mar 1811 when he declined to run again for reasons of health and was succeeded by his cousin, John C. Calhoun (who went on to be Vice-President under two US Presidents -- Adams and Jackson). My line runs through Joseph.


KMartin said...

I was very glad to find your site, I am decended from the same Matthews line but from the daughter of Joseph C.Calhoun, Martha Laura. She married Samuel Sheals Wilson, whose daughter,Mary Jane, married William Bundy Smith, my great grandfather. I live in Texas and have tried to gather as much information about the Calhoun/Matthews as I can. Very glad to see the stuff you have and excited to read about the Matthews history.

Anonymous said...

I am decended from Victor Matthews. In 1760s he received a part of a tract of land in York Co., Pa. The land belonged to John Matthews. It was split and a John Matthews Matthews received the other half. Did John, the orginal owner, keep half or was there a second John.

Stan Matthews - Tucson Az.

hwburns said...

Pleased to find your site. I am the great grandson of Joseph Calhoun Burns, who lost his life at Sharpsburg. I've done a lot of research on his war outfit, the 13th Alabama, and considerable on his family and allied families, including the Mathews.

Hobert Burns, Los Gatos, CA

hobbit said...

I am the great grandson of Joseph Calhoun Burns, who was killed at Sharpsburg 9/12/1862. I've written about his war experience in the 13th Alabama Infantry Regiment, as well as about other families and a monograph about Anne Calhoun Mathews. I'd be pleased to exchange information with any interested in these families.

Hobert Burns, Los Gatos, CA

hobbit said...

I am the great grandson of Joseph Calhoun Burns, and related to Anne Calhoun Mathews. I'd be pleassed to exchange information with anyone interested in those families.
Hobert W. Burns, Los Gatos, CA

genelink said...

Hubert Burns - I would like to contact you and exhange information but need an email address. Pls email me direct at calhoun@corpimg.com to exchange info on Ann Calhoun Mathews and Joseph Calhoun Burns. Thanks.
Barry Mathews

Mike Brown said...

I am a great Grandson of a Ben T. Mathews from South Carolina who was born in approximately 1832. Ben T. Mathews ended up as a Dry Goods Merchant in Arkansas. Does anyone have information on Ben T. Mathews parents who were both born in South Carolina?

Lisa Calhoun said...

Hi, I'm descended from Ezekiel Calhoun, one of the Long Cane settlers. My family and I live near the present day Cherokee reservation, and we've always been fascinated by Ann Calhoun Matthews' story. Is there a written copy of her memories of her time with the Cherokee? We'd love to read it. Thanks!
Lisa Calhoun

Rob Burns said...

Yes there is a dictated account on ancestry. com look for wedoweeburns I am a descendant of Mathews Calhoun and burns obviously burns lol. Contact me if you would like wouldn't mind opening dialogue on family history then to now. Wedoweeburns@gmail.com

Mary White said...

I am a decended from Mary Jane Mathews daughter of William Henry and Harriet Roye..Mary Jane was my grandmother she married Thomas Jefferson Gillespie...Would love to know more about the Mathews family and if any more photos exist of the family.