05 April 2006

Ezekiel Waddell Mathews

Ezekiel Waddell Mathews was born in Abbeville SC, August 28, 1808, and married on August 13, 1829 to Cathrine Finnie (or Finley) in Abbeville SC. They migrated to Fayette Co. TN in the early 1830's. On the 1850 census it shows Benjamin born 1832 in SC and Elijah born 1834 in TN, therefor I would think the move was made btwn 1832-1834.

Ezekiel was the oldest child of Joseph Calhoun Mathews and Margaret Brough. There was a preacher in the area whose last name was Waddell, that might be from where the middle name was taken.

1840 Fayette Co, TN census shows Zichiel Mathews, (m)220001 - (f)100001. This would be - 2 males under 5 (Elijah and John), 2 males btwn 5-10 (Jospeh and Benjamin), 1 male btwn 30-40 (Ezekiel), 1 female under 5 (Lucretia), 1 female btwn 30-40 (Cathrine).

1850 Fayette Co, TN census taken 26 Nov 1850 for Civil District #12, (1466-678) shows:
EW Mathews, age 44, born SC, Farmer, 630
Cathrine R., age 37, SC
Joseph S., age 20, SC
Benj T., age 18, SC
Elijah W., age 16, TN
John F., age 13, TN
Lucretia D., age 11, TN
Andrew N., age 9, TN
E. David, age 7, TN
Margaret L.W, age 5, TN
Lawrence C., age 2, TN
Alexander B., age 2/12, TN
Joseph A. Mathews, age 20, SC, Farmer (Note: This would be Joseph Alexander, Ezekiel's younger brother)

1860 Fayette Co, TN census taken 14 June 1860 for Civil District #1, (29-419) shows:
EW Mathews, age 54, born SC, Farmer, 3,396 (real estate), 3,200 (personal)
Cathrine R., age 48, SC
John F., age 23, TN
Andrew, age 19, TN
Ezeakel, age 16, TN (same as E. David in 1850)
Lucy, age 14, TN (same as Margaret L.W. in 1850)
E.W., age 12, TN (?Lawrence C. in 1850?)
Mary, age 8, TN

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